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Soap made from Aleppo Olives

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The new organic Soap from GÍÍLINEA BÍO is made from highly aromatic Olives from Aleppo Syria. Aleppo has been known for it´s flurishing Soap Industry for centuries. Due to the mineralized soil in the Aleppo Area, very high levels of Aroma can be found in the Olives which makes the soaps from this Area so special. Each family business has got it´s own special recipe which is being kept a secret over centuries. Due to the recent war the family business that we are working with had to move to Lebanon, luckily for us they were able to bring their company with them and are now continuing their business out of Lebanon still using the ingredients from Syria. By buying this special soap you are of course contributing to the reconstruction of peoples lives and their country that has been hit so badly by a terrible war.