Giilinea Bio Organic Hair Shampoo


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Giilinea Bio Organic Hair Shampoo 6,76oz

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Height18 cm
Width4,5 cm
Depth4,5 cm
Weight236 g

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Aloe Vera Shampoo was developed for gentle and nurturing cleaning of the hair. It has a positive effect and soothes scalp irritation caused by external influences and stress. The regular use of GÍÍLinea Organic Shampoo has a very nurturing effect and helps your hair keep its natural balance.
Suitable for all hair types.

Soft shampoo contains wheat protein, aloe vera Gel, calendula and allantoin extracts

The shampoo is a concentrate, so your hair needs to be quite wet, before applying the Shampoo.
It does not foam excessively but pleasant.
The second wash cycle, you need very little Shampoo.
Wash out the shampoo well.

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