Giilinea Bio Cosmetics is a family-run business based in Austria and the UK. For about 15 years we have been supplying Organic stores and Chemists all over Austria and Germany. Over the years we have received quality customer feedback and we found a demand for new organic products with improved active components and a pleasant as well as elegant scent.  This led to the launch of this cosmetic series which contains 100% pure, hand-harvested Aloe Vera and a large number of other high Quality ingredients like native cold-pressed oils, Shea Butter and natural Hyaluronic Acid. Our Skin Care Range is 100% certified ORGANIC and VEGAN. We provide our customers with natural, organic and vegan Anti-Aging Products, Baby Products, Hair Care Products and Sun Care Products. The great success with this brand in organic stores has also been found in chemists. Giilinea-Bio provides refreshing cosmetic products from certified organic cultivation for customers who desire a high quality beauty product.

We recommend organic certified, natural Cosmetics because:

Nowadays our lives are surrounded by different chemicals.  We are beeing exposed to a large number of toxic substances within our food, water and the beauty products we use

Many people are already very concerned about what they eat and drink, not so much attention is being put into what Skin Care Products they use.  

Firstly, some of the ingredients used in most mainstream cosmetic brands can act as irritants to the skin, causing break outs, dry skin patches and redness. They can also aggravate such conditions as acne, eczema and rosacea. The switch towards more natural and organic skin care products can provide significant improvements to the skin condition and in some cases may even clear the skin completely.

Additionally, our skin is the largest organ in our body which is not simply playing the role of a protective shield but is highly integrated with the rest of our bodies’ systems. Significant parts of what you put on your skin will most likely end up inside your body. Therefor it is crucial to carefully check the ingredients of cosmetic products before purchase. The worst offenders are parabens, mineral oils, SLSs, artificial colourings and fragrances. However, there are some chemicals necessary in order to preserve the products and make them safe to use.


We work only with registered and reputable manufacturers to ensure that the products you purchase are of the finest quality. You should use the products only as directed on its packaging, store it in accordance to the recommendations and use it before the expiry date. In cases where there is no expiry date on the product we recommend the product be used within 6 months from the date of purchase. We shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by incorrect use of the product.

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